Hoboken, NJ Birthplace of Frank Sinatra

Welcome to Hoboken!

With a personality much larger than it’s “Mile Square” image, Hoboken, NJ is nestled along the Hudson River below the Palisades. Its evolution from a manufacturing and shipping port to the exclusive urban village it has become is a true American success story. Home to over 50,000 residents, Hoboken hosts a cross-section of communities in a compact, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

There’s a legendary working-class tradition in Hoboken, and it’s still alive in its neighborhoods. It’s the birthplace of baseball, Frank Sinatra, the zipper and the Blimpie submarine sandwich. The Maxwell Place community takes its name from the coffee factory that once stood there; the Hudson Tea condominium was for decades a Lipton Tea factory. The city’s docks, at one time among the busiest on the east coast, have given way to recreational piers and an esplanade that offers million-dollar views of the Manhattan skyline.

Though much has changed in the past 25 years, Hoboken retains its hard-working bustle. During rush hours, thousands of commuters pass through the iconic Lackawanna terminal into Manhattan. On Washington Street and beyond, a thriving commercial district comprised mostly of locally-owned boutiques, shops and eateries. Live music, sailing on the Hudson, house tours, arts and cultural festivals — from sun-up to beyond sun-down, there’s something interesting going on in Hoboken, and it’s drawn a dedicated new generation of residents to carry on its dynamic tradition.

As home to Stevens Institute of Technology, the city has a college-town feel. And with its reputation as a mecca for cutting-edge music and spirited nightlife, Hoboken definitely has a youthful bounce to its step. Still, there are a sizable number of young families making their homes in the long established brownstone neighborhoods and newer developments that have re-defined the Hoboken lifestyle.

And Hobokenites know great food. You’ll find the best ‘mozz in the world right on Washington St. Restaurants and cafes dot the city, and run the full range from upscale dining to midnight nosh – in flavors ranging the cultural gamut. And the bakeries . . . you’ll discover a favorite. It’s a town with a healthy appetite, for food and for life.