Prepping Your Home for Winter Weather

With the leaves falling and the temperatures cooling, there are many things that come to mind including all the preparations for the upcoming holidays and events, but there are some preparations that may slip your mind. Check out this checklist for the upcoming days to help you make sure all is ready for winter.

Check safety devices. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the house, and replace batteries as needed. Check the expiration date on the kitchen fire extinguisher and replace it if needed.

Seal gaps where mice could enter. Speaking of critters, take a close look around the interior and exterior of your home and cover any and all gaps you find. A heavy-duty to cover exterior vents and steel wool can be used to close small gaps on the interior.

Add weather stripping. If you have old weather stripping that has loosened, remove it and replace it with new material.

Swap seasonal clothes.  Now that October is over, it’s time to settle into more predictable fall and winter weather. Gather up stray sandals and lightweight clothing that you don’t plan to wear again until spring, and pack it away.

Decorate with layers of warmth. Get toasty indoors with cozy throws, thicker curtains and soft rugs. If you haven’t done so yet, swap out your bedding for thicker blankets and fluffy duvets.

Put up storm windows and doors. If you use storm windows or doors and haven’t put them up yet, now is the time.

Inspect the roof. Problems like damaged shingles and worn-out seals around vent pipes and chimneys are much easier to remedy if you catch them early.