Hoboken Tree Planting Program

Hoboken Tree Planting Program

Picture courtesy of : hobokennj.org

Help the Shade Tree Commission achieve their goal of having 4,000 healthy street trees by 2020. If you don’t have an existing tree well, they will open one for you! If you are a Hoboken property or condo owner, you can have a street tree planted by the Shade Tree commission in two ways:

1. In exchange for a suggested $100 donation, and your pledge to care for and water your tree, your request will be put on our first come first serve tree planting list! This list is subject to available budget and not every applicant is guaranteed a tree.

2. Help support the Hoboken Shade Tree Commission and be assured a spot in our next tree planning by assuming the entire cost of your tree planting. Cost will vary depending on tree location, pit opening requirements, and chosen vendor. Estimates range from $500 – $800, estimates are subject to change and can not be guaranteed at this time.

To get involved in the Hoboken Tree Planting Program, please visit www.hobokennj.org