Pinot’s Palette

It’s the year of wine (ing) & painting! Wine & Paint events have become the latest fad. This fun hobby can be for everyone; men, women, teens (depending on the location of the event – some may require to be accompanied by an adult), families, couples, etc! Depending on the studio, wine is sometimes included with your ticket purchase, while other studios may have a liquor license. What does a Wine & Paint night involve, you ask? Well, recently, I had the honor of attending a Wine & Paint night at Pinot’s Palette located in Hoboken, NJ.

It was a Saturday night, and my mother’s birthday, so I thought what better way to celebrate than to sip wine & make beautiful paintings! There, the instructor gives you very detailed step-by-step instructions to walk you through painting a wonderful painting on your blank canvas.. Yes, blank canvas. When my mom first found out this wasn’t paint by numbers, or paint within a thin line already sketched out activity, she freaked a little. But don’t you worry! like I said, the instructor, at a fair pace, walks you through all of the steps. I personally loved this. At the end, you and the other attendee’s pictures may look similar from afar, but they’re all uniquely personalized and different. Everyone has different ways of stoking their brush along the canvas, and mixing colors. Wine & Paint nights are not only a bonding experience, but it’s also relaxing. As their motto goes, It’s a time to “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.”

The owner of Pinot’s Palette let us know we could bring snacks, cupcakes, cake (since it was my mom’s birthday) – which was wonderful! We got to sip, paint, and eat cupcakes. What else could a girl want?! After we were done with our cupcakes, the paint was dry by then, so we stood up on their small stage they have in their studio, and we all held up our paintings – which really made you feel like Picasso with your masterpiece! Some studios allow you to bring food, while others are held at restaurants. It really all depends on the location! When choosing your Wine & Paint night, be sure to read the details for events near you. The details should fill you in on which painting they’re doing that night, wine included or not, and if it fits your liking! If you’re looking for a relaxing, but fun night out in Hoboken, make sure you check out Pinot’s Palette!

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Uptown Location Is Open For Business!


This has been a very busy week for HPR! Along with showings, open houses and trying soak in the nice weather, we’ve also been preparing to open our new office at 150 14th Street. Well, folks, the wait is over, and the office looks fantastic (if we do say so ourselves). Situated right on the corner of 14th Street and Bloomfield Street, we hope that our chic new space draws the eye and the walk-ins. If you’re in the neighborhood, having a coffee at City of Saints Cafe or a drink at Dino & Harry’s or the Madison, be sure to stop in and say hello! Ask questions, get comfortable, and pick up a free HPR tote bag if you want! (Perfect for the Garden Street Farmer’s Market). Also, we’re now on tumblr! If you have an account, be sure to follow the link below. Even if you don’t have one, you can still stop by the page and check out our photos, posts, decorating inspiration and other Hoboken themed happenings!

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Urban Coal is Coming to Hoboken!

Hudson Place Agents Tayrn Byron & Daniella DePalma Infront of Urban Coal!

Hudson Place Realty Agents Taryn Byron & Daniella DePalma In Front of Urban Coal’s New Location.

Attention pizza lovers (and who’s not) ! A new addition to the uptown Hoboken food scene will be arriving soon. Urban Coal is a Neopolitan style trattoria scheduled to open in late summer. We are especially excited to have Urban Coal join us in our new neighborhood on the corner of 14th Street and Bloomfield Street, where we have just opened our new uptown office. Urban Coal is the fourth restaurant in owners Matthew and Chris  Lombardi, Andrew Cameron and Michael Centaro’s portfolio. They  pride themselves on their always fresh ingredients and use only  handmade mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and genuine imported Italian olive oil “for a flavor sensation that stands apart.” In addition to the pizza, made in their custom-built coal ovens, the menu will include certified gluten-free pizzas, and array of fresh salads and greens, pastas and their award-winning signature wings. Swing by and visit us both when you are in the neighborhood!

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Location – 116 14th Street Hoboken, NJ