Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

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The Hoboken Arts and Music Festival will return this Sunday, May 1st. The festival will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Washington Street between Observer Highway and 7th Street. Festivities include over 300 artists, craft booths, photographers, sculptors, food vendors, local restaurants & businesses, and children’s activities. Live music at the festival will include the following performers:

  • Leon Russell – Grammy Award Winner & Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Smokey’s Round-Up, The Amazing Incredibles, Tony Corrao – Sings Sinatra
  • Emily & the Ideals, Sylvana Joyce + The Moment, Skyfactor, Amanda Holley
  • Chrissy Roberts / Kid Notes, Carol Lester presents The Bubble Queen & The Royal Bubble Pops
  • Michael & the Rockness Monsters, Stevens Jazz Quartet
  • Garden Street School of Performing Arts & Garden Street Irish Step Dancers
  • Hoboken Hip Hop from All Saints Episcopal Day School & Little Club Heads


Observer Highway Stage

Noon – Skyfactor
1:00pm – Sylvana Joyce + the Moment
2:00pm – The Amazing Incredibles
3:00pm – Smokey’s Round-Up
4:30pm – Leon Russell

3rd Street Stage – Children’s area

Noon – Garden Street School of the Performing Arts & The Garden Street Irish Step Dancers
1:00pm – Chrissy Roberts /Kid Notes
2:00pm – Carol Lester presents The Bubble Queen & The Royal Bubble Pops
3:00pm – Michael & the Rockness Monsters
4:00pm – TBA

7th Street Stage

12:30pm – Hoboken Hip Hop from All Saints Episcopal Day School
1:00pm – Stevens Jazz Quartet
1:45pm – Tony Corrao sings Sinatra
2:45pm – Amanda Holley
3:45pm – Emily & the Ideals
5:00pm – Frankie Morales & the Mambo of the Times Orchestra


Annual Cook Off, 2016

Annual Cook Off, 2016

Every year, Hudson Place Realty hosts a highly anticipated annual office cook off. Agents, spouses and close HPR friends are invited to prepare their best dish within a predetermined theme. Winner of last year’s competition, Taryn Byron, chose homemade pie – no store bought crust or pie filling allowed – as this year’s challenge.

The event was held at HPR Broker Jon Sisti’s beautiful brownstone, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Contestants, friends, and spouses judged this year’s competition. It was a close call, but after several recounts (hello Florida!) Gold Circle of Excellence winner Dylan Mader’s Picadillo pie (a Latin twist on shepherd’s pie) was this year’s winner!

Runner up was last year’s winner, Taryn Byron. Taryn’s apple pie had an incredibly flaky home made crust with a yummy medley of apple filling. Dylan gets to hold the trophy and now has a year to contemplate next year’s theme…the possibilities are deliciously endless. Here is a recipe for my easy Key Lime pie. It wasn’t a winner, but It received some great feedback! I also made a home made & gluten free, gingersnap crust.

Key Lime Pie & Gingersnap Pie Crust

Tutta Pesca

Tutta Pesca

New to the neighborhood and opening soon on 155 3rd St. is “Tutta Pesca”. The Italian/American seafood restaurant and market (with seafood offered at wholesale prices!) will offer a wide range of the freshest fish, clams, oysters, weekly specials and more. Hoboken can certainly use a place like this, and we’re excited to see what they have in store for us! The business is also hiring for all positions. If you’re interested, send your resume to jobs@tuttapescanj.com or call (201) 420-6160